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“The best hockey save I ever made went like this:
The shooter was directly in front of me halfway between me and blueline facing me in shooter stance. Facing him was a defender. Back to my defender was another winger right on the edge of the crease waiting a left-handed point blank rebound.
The shooter shoots.
The defender gets a piece of it.
The pucks slows and knuckles through the air and is going to land perfectly on lefty’s stick.
Lefty is looking me in the eye.
I do a quick head jerk to my left and hurl my glove in that direction too. Lefty bites for my bluff and the puck is harmlessly scooped off his stick by the defender.
He never knew he was had.
Hair on the back of the neck.
Walk down the street like you own it and stay wide between the pipes.”

Papa Hughes post attack words of wisdom